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SEA DIAMOND (MTIUS) Ltd was incorporated in the late year 2008 for the production, distribution and selling of fish and seafood in Mauritius.
In the year 2015 we made a new registered processing and storing plant at Camp Levieux Rose-hill, Mauritius. This plant is approved by the municipality council for processing and storing of fresh and frozen fish and seafood.
SEA DIAMOND (MTIUS) LTD is a company with strong dreams, increases considerably its production, satisfy our local market and also create more employment. Fishes are transported by our isotermic vans to our chill rooms and cold rooms. We have 2 artisanal fishing boat which catches fishes daily in our local lagoon which operate in the north of our country. Actually, we are supplying seafoods to many local markets, restaurants and we also sell our products in the rose hill market stalls. With our expansion sales of our products, now our main objective is to increase our stocks and supply sufficiently large hotels, supermarkets and cold storages with fresh / chilled or frozen seafoods.
SEA DIAMOND (MTIUS) believe in import of high quality and various varieties of frozen seafoods from various countries to compensate and build our stock of fish for our local market and to satisfy our consumers of a constant supply. We are actually dealing with a supplier from the Seychelles Island for fresh fish which will be available three times weekly for import by air.  

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Product & Weight 

Mostly apply for frozen product

Include = 10-20% Protective Ice Glaze.

1. Prevention against 'Freezer Burn' in order to keep the Freshness & Juiciness of the product.

2. [Dehydration & Oxidation]

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About Us

SEA DIAMOND (MTIUS) Ltd was incorporated in the late year 2008 for the production, distribution and selling of fish and seafood in Mauritius.

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